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Vivin John

I am Vivin John, a Professional Introvert, and a Software Project Manager.

Professional Introvert, what?

Professional Introverts, like me, are introverts that navigate a highly collaborative professional world. I'm an introvert who does so in the world of software development. Over a decade, I've balanced my introverted nature with varied leadership roles.

A Software Project Manager, too?

Yeah, I have been in the Indian Software industry since 2011. I started as a still-in-college junior SDE and l/earned my way up to Agile Software Project Management. Today, at Covalience India Pvt. Ltd., I am the Practice Lead of Software Project Management. I manage projects and also lead a team of Project Managers in my company.

How does all of this relate to vivinjohn.com and what is in it for you?

I share all my tips, techniques, concepts, strategies, and knowledge here on vivinjohn.com.

The vision — to help you level up as a Professional Introvert and/or Software Project Manager.

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