Groupthink and introverts

Groupthink and introverts

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If you don't know what Groupthink is, here is the definition from Investopedia (link ↗):

Groupthink is a phenomenon that occurs when a group of individuals reaches a consensus without critical reasoning or evaluation of the consequences or alternatives. Groupthink is based on a common desire not to upset the balance of a group of people.

What do introverts have to do with Groupthink?

Introverts are naturally analytical and reflective. They take time to absorb information and formulate their thoughts to approach problems from a different perspective.

Essentially, they:

  1. Do not get swayed easily by emotional and dominant appeal.

  2. Can identify logical flaws when reflecting about decisions.

  3. Can offer diverse perspectives.

  4. Can help identify someone who has a varied perspective in a group setting.

So, basically, breaking groupthink can something introverts do very naturally. Especially, when the team/group has come to become very close and the ability to critically think has been lost.

As an introvert you can use this strength to become invaluable to your team/family as someone who can break groupthink.

Okay! But, how do I....

How do I break groupthink as a non-confrontational introvert?

Well, this will require you to do a bit more work than usual.

Here are some steps you can take:

  1. Introduce the concept of groupthink to your team/family.

  2. Explain how you, as an introvert, can be instrumental in breaking groupthink.

  3. Set norms, i.e., tell your group, how you would approach groupthink and why highlighting it is not something that exists to cause friction.

  4. There will be times you will be reflective and realize groupthink much later than your discussion, make sure you tell your group how you would highlight in such cases when you discuss norms.

  5. Start highlighting groupthink when you see it.

These are one of the many ways to do it. I invite you to go ahead and share if you know others in comments and-or social media.


My intent is to highlight a very unique ability that introverts possess and makes them invaluable. Learning to leverage this and making it part of your regular communication will make you an outstanding team player.

Feedback, comments, suggestions?

Comment below.

I hope this helps you level up.

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